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Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel brings a very high frequency of Unconditional Love into our lives.  When we invite this energy in, our minds relax their need for control and our Hearts blossom as the main compass for our lives.  Archangel Chamuel speaks to us through the highest aspects of our hearts, and invites us to live moment-to-moment from this blissful place of profound wisdom and serenity.  AAC helps our Higher Self to merge fully with our Human Self, so that we may bring the full Light and Splendor of our Spirit into manifestation on Earth.  

Archangel Chamuel often visits AJ while he is doing Reiki for himself and others, and encourages those who would receive her/his blessings to fully love themselves and trust that they were born with all the necessary skills and attributes to successfully carry out their Divine Mission.  AAC helps us to let go of judgments we direct at ourselves and others, and to honor the unfathomable beauty and diversity of Creation.

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