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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of Liberation and Divine Will.  Inviting her/his presence into our lives helps us to let go of limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves or reality and to step into the infinitely magical nature of the Universe.  Archangel Jophiel also assists us in aligning our Personal Willpower with the wisdom of Divine Will, so that our actions and efforts may serve to further manifest the Divine on Earth.  AAJ also promotes Beauty in all its forms, and can help those endeavoring to bring more beauty into the world manifest their projects in the Highest form possible.

AJ senses the presence of Archangel Jophiel as a motivating feeling of intense freedom, free from any beliefs that cause us to feel separated or isolated from the rest of Creation.  As we remember that each of us is intrinsically a part of the fabric of reality, it becomes easier and more natural to act in a way that promotes peace and joy for all parties.  The presence of Archangel Jophiel can be felt in any act of kindness that helps to liberate others from the shackles in their hearts and minds so they may live more freely and compassionately.  AAJ also frequently lends her power and guidance to AJ's many artistic endeavors and helps to connect them to Divine healing frequencies of energy. 

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