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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the leader of all angels in the Heavenly realms.  His energy fills all who call upon him with courage, leadership and strength, and purifies our entire being to bring us into closer alignment with the Divine.  Archangel Michael can help us to rediscover our personal power and to live joyfully as the Leader of our own life.  AAM encourages us to live as the fullest versions of ourselves and to not hold back our great, unlimited potential from the world.

AJ often sees AAM as a deep blue, violet, and white orb in his inner vision, and frequently experiences Archangel Michael's healing energies during his Reiki sessions for clients with imbalances related to self-confidence and self-mastery.  This painting was the first in the whole series, as AAM visited AJ while he was doing Reiki one night and gave him the idea to create a physical piece of artwork that the Angels could communicate their infinite love, light and wisdom with us.

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