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Archangel Raphael

Archangel Rafael is the angel of healing and healers.  His natural, enlivened, healthy energy helps to bring all aspects of our consciousness back into alignment with Natural Law.  AAR excels at healing the Heart, and greatly supports those who would bring healing and guidance to children.  Archangel Rafael can help us with cultivating healing gifts in our lives - for those who are willing to learn, AAR helps us to let go of any selfishness so that we may be the purest vessels of Love that we can be on this Earth.  Only when we allow our lives to be channels for Unconditional Love can our presence truly be a healing force.

Archangel Rafael has assisted AJ with many of his healing sessions, and in his own personal journey of healing and becoming a healer as well.  During Reiki sessions, AJ knows AAR is working with him because he feels a sense of expansion in his Heart, a natural green energy, and the feeling of another set of hands guiding his own.  Healings with AAR are often simple yet very profound, teaching us that healing is more often about letting go of who we are not so as to reveal the gem of Divine Presence within each of us, rather than "becoming" something we were not previously.

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