Dance Classes


**AJ teaching floor work at Fusion Dance Centre in Roselle Park, NJ**

- for dancers ages 5 & up. AJ's ballet classes focus on proper spinal alignment, correct use of turnout, and ease of movement.  Dancers who receive their ballet training with AJ tend to have graceful, fluid lines and an effortless, effervescent movement quality, as well as a strong mental understanding of the technique and how to communicate that understanding to others.

- for dancers ages 8 & up.  AJ's modern classes stem from a technical foundation of Horton and Limon techniques.  He emphasizes isolations, creatively using or not using gravity to transition smoothly in and out of the floor, and embodying various movement qualities and dynamics.  He also works to foster a strong sense of a "center" line as well as the ability to intentionally throw oneself off of center for artistic effect. 

- for dancers ages 5 & up.  AJ's acro classes draw upon a solid foundation of yoga-based alignment to support healthy, controlled, mindful execution of acrobatic movement.  There is a strong emphasis on inversion practice, supporting the 4 levels of balance in various positions - headstands, chest stands, forearm stands, and handstands. AJ works with dancers to combine their acro skills with their ballet technique to create exquisite lines and transitions in the dancers' movements.  These classes also feature tumbling, working up to skills including walkovers, handsprings, aerials and tucks.

- for dancers ages 8 & up.  In today's dance world, dancers require impeccably fine-tuned technique, body awareness and athleticism to safely and cleanly execute choreography.  AJ uses his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create a comprehensive class designed to promote full-body awareness, strength and muscular elasticity in students.