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Competition Judging

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AJ is proud to be a regular on the judging panel for DECAdance Dance Competition since January 2020.  DECAdance is an incredible company serving the dance competition world, and heavily emphasizes the need for dancers to receive quality education and feedback from their competitive events.

DECAdance features a unique judging system with four specialized judges, and each judge's score will have a higher scoring rate than the other judges in their respective category. For example, the jazz judge will hold a higher percentage of the dance’s overall score than the other three judges during a jazz routine. This ensures all routines are scored appropriately by qualified experts in each genre. Solos will be provided with live feedback post-performance from the specialized judge of their routine's genre.  AJ primarily serves as the Acrobatics judge, but also shares his expertise in ballet, modern and other styles as well.

Contact AJ or DECAdance Dance Competition if you'd like to attend one of our events! DECAdance is growing rapidly, with events in many states of the country.  

You can learn more about DECAdance Dance Competition on their website at

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