Acupuncture with AJ

What sets acupuncture treatments with AJ apart from other acupuncturists? Well, instead of treating multiple patients per hour, AJ will spend the entire duration of your session with you to give you the most personal attention possible.  He will also use his many skills in body work, physical conditioning, massage, acupuncture, and Reiki energy healing all to support your healing process.  After a brief intake and discussion of your symptoms, AJ's sessions usually run like this (structure may vary based on the nature of the visit, and initial visit will require longer intake):

75 Minute SESSION

5-15 Minutes: Discussion of symptoms, reason for visit

10-20 Minutes: Bodywork, massage and stretching

30-45 Minutes: Acupuncture with Energy Healing

5-10 Minutes: Grounding and Health Advising


AJ is very passionate about making sure his patients receive healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Starting sessions with some physical body work helps people to feel grounded and more connected with their body during the treatment, which enhances the efficacy of the acupuncture.  Acupuncture can help people get into an energetically receptive state (along with its innumerable other health benefits) and thus enables patients to receive the infinite blessings of Reiki energy healing much more quickly and deeply.  While AJ typically uses acupuncture to address medical complaints, the addition of body work and Reiki energy healing ensures that patients walk out of treatments feeling light, free, vibrantly healthy and more ready to fully engage with life.


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