Healing Sessions


**In light of Covid-19, AJ is only offering Distance Healing sessions at this time.**

AJ currently offers personal Reiki healing sessions in the comfort of your home.  His rates are $75 for one 75 minute session for persons in Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ (other regions based on AJ's availability).  Scheduling is done easily via e-mail.  People come to AJ for Reiki with a wide variety of healing goals, including but not limited to:

*Physical/Emotional Pain Relief*

Increased Self-Confidence

Healing Anxiety/Depression

Personal Development

Release of Personal Blocks

**First time clients receive their first session for only $50!**


By appointment only at this time

A typical Reiki session with AJ:

--- AJ arrives at the client's residence with his massage table.

--- He sets the table up in the room where the session will take place and energetically prepares the room.

--- You and AJ dialogue about the healing you are seeking and then you relax fully clothed on the table as AJ prepares to begin the session.

---AJ will have his hands anywhere from 2 inches to 2 feet out in the space around your body, your aura, throughout the 60 minutes.

---AJ will guide your awareness fully back into the physical space, and when you are ready there is another dialogue about the healing that transpired.  During this time AJ will share any information he picked up intuitively that supports your healing.

---Payment is made for the sessions by cash or check or through Venmo.  Gratuity for quality service is appreciated but never expected.

It is common during a Reiki session to experience a range of sensations including:

     ***Deep relaxation

     ***Heightened awareness of energy

     ***Release of physical, emotional, mental tension

     ***...and an infinity more! Every Reiki session is a unique miracle.