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Energy Healing Testimonials

Allie P.M. - "I had a beautiful, grounding, and illuminating experience channeling Reiki and Vortex Healing with AJ. I was anxious going into energy work over the phone because I worried the connection wouldn’t be strong. That was absolutely not the case. I felt AJ’s connection so instantly it was shocking. Reiki was wonderful, peaceful, and gentle. Vortex Healing was intense and very direct. The two really complimented each other making me focus completely on our set intention but also helping to ease what I was holding on to. I had some very specific thoughts during the session, little moments of clarity. When we ended the session and chatted about the experience I was so delightfully surprised to have AJ essentially mirror my experience with what he was feeling. The things he picked up on were so in tune with what I was feeling and discovering. The whole experience was so pure. He is a rare breed of light-worker I am grateful to exchange energy with.

That session was a real wake up call for me in the best way."


Molly E. - “Anxiety‎ and‎ Emotional‎ Dysregulation‎ have‎ been‎ lifelong‎ struggles‎ for‎ me.‎ I‎ have‎ sat‎ through‎ many‎ hours‎ of‎ therapy‎ and‎ tried‎ a‎ variety‎ of‎ anti-anxiety‎ medications‎ to‎ no‎ avail.‎ Reiki‎ with‎ AJ‎ does‎ for‎ me‎ what‎ the‎ other‎ treatments‎ did‎ not.‎ AJ‎ treats‎ the‎ root‎ of‎ where‎ my‎ struggles‎ lie,‎ the‎ soul.‎ 

I‎ am‎ humbled‎ and‎ amazed‎ by‎ the‎ results‎ I‎ have‎ seen‎ in‎ just‎ a‎ few‎ sessions‎ with‎ AJ.‎ For‎ the‎ first‎ time,‎ it‎ feels‎ like‎ I‎ am‎ actually‎ in‎ control‎ of‎ my‎ emotions,‎ and‎ not‎ the‎ other‎ way‎ around. The‎ constant‎ barrage‎ of‎ anxious‎ thoughts‎ that‎ run‎ through‎ my‎ head‎ have‎ slowed‎ down.‎ I‎ am‎ able‎ to‎ think‎ much‎ more‎ clearly‎ and‎ react‎ to‎ life's‎ difficulties‎ more‎ calmly‎ and‎ from‎ a‎ centered‎ place.‎ AJ‎ also‎ provides‎ helpful‎ insight‎ and‎ wisdom‎ after‎ each‎ session‎ that‎ keeps‎ me‎ focused‎ and‎ active‎ in‎ my‎ healing‎ process‎ throughout‎ the‎ week.‎ 

Our‎ sessions‎ have‎ become‎ one‎ of‎ the‎ things‎ I‎ look‎ forward‎ to‎ most.‎ I‎ love‎ the‎ feeling‎ of‎ basking‎ in‎ the‎ angelic‎ energy‎ as‎ it‎ flows‎ through‎ my‎ body‎ like‎ a‎ warm‎ hug.‎ If‎ I‎ could‎ I‎ would‎ attend‎ a‎ Reiki‎ session‎ with‎ AJ‎ each‎ and‎ every‎ day!‎ I‎ highly‎ recommend‎ that‎ you‎ give‎ this‎ life-changing‎ experience‎ a‎ try.‎ If‎ you‎ come‎ with‎ an‎ open‎ heart,‎ you‎ will‎ be‎ so‎ delighted‎ with‎ the‎ beauty‎ that‎ AJ‎ can‎ bring‎ to‎ your‎ life!”

Anonymous (Distance Session). -  "AJ you beautiful beautiful genius 💕💕. My block is gone.  I was able to feel and connect w the yin side of my body yesterday when I laid at night and did some breathing and qigong practice. My abdomen feels literally physically looser, lighter, my lungs could expand, my diaphragm released.  Thank you 🙏. I feel healthier and I feel like the sludge of a block esp in the abdomen is gone"

Bill H. - "Great energy, very positive. My first experience with any type of Reiki was indeed a very peaceful experience. AJ is definitely a positive insightful individual and healer."

Keri M. - "If I could describe a Reiki session with AJ in one word, it would be Euphoric. AJ is one of the most gifted lightworkers I have ever had the pleasure of receiving Reiki (including distance Reiki) from! Reiki sessions can be very personal since the practitioner has the ability to pick up sensitive information stored within your body, but I have never felt uncomfortable with AJ. AJ is warm, compassionate and nonjudgmental and offers feedback that empowers you to continue healing yourself beyond his sessions. He is very present while working with you and doesn’t allow outside factors to distract his attention from you. He is a wealth of knowledge and very easy to approach with any questions you might have, esp. if this is your first experience with this wonderful modality. AJ sees someone choosing him as their practitioner a privilege he is granted, but I can’t put into word how grateful I am to have had him as my practitioner!"

Felicia G. - "AJ’s dedication to Reiki beams out of him every day, and is experienced in its fullness during a session with him. He is attentive, tender, and I’ve always carried his guidance close to my heart. After a session with him, I feel clearer and more confident moving forward. Thank you, AJ, for taking your time and helping me dive deeper into my true essence."

Allison M - "I've had the pleasure of experiencing multiple Reiki sessions with AJ.  Each one is completely different, depending on what you need at the time, but they are all so peaceful, relaxing, and mindful.  AJ is a wonderful human being who is completely dedicated to Reiki and positive, healing energy.  Whenever I receive Reiki from him, I know I'm in good hands."

Kaitlyn R. - "My first Reiki experience with AJ was an in person session. I had received Reiki in the past but none were as insightful and energetic as his. AJ truly has a gift and I find it wonderful he is sharing it with the world. After our first session I felt like I was on cloud 9 for about 2 weeks. I had been going through some emotional stresses and he lifted them from me. 

AJ is such a warm hearted soul, who lights up whatever room he enters. Being around him has me smiling from ear to ear and I always look forward to hearing from him. By far, AJ is the most gifted and genuine Reiki master I have come into contact with. I hope he continues to help people heal and grow and I would recommend anyone to him."

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