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Energy Healing

There are many traditions and modalities of "energy healing" available in today's world, but generally they involve a trained practitioner opening themselves up as a "channel" for a higher power to promote healing. 

Energy healing is a subject being increasingly researched by the scientific community.  Reiki for example, is  included as part of patient care in several hundred hospitals in the USA alone as it has been empirically proven to help deeply activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn stimulates the body's self-healing mechanisms.

AJ's true passion is in energy healing and the awakening of human consciousness.  The awakening of consciousness is the core mission of all of his professional offerings.  AJ uses a combination of energy healing techniques in his work, and finds that using energy healing in combination with acupuncture provides profound therapeutic change in client's energy systems. 

AJ has been professionally practicing energy medicine since 2014, and continues to deepen and broaden his education and experience in this incredible field every year by attending trainings in various modalities.

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