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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger Angel, responsible for communication pathways between the Divine and Earth realms.  AAG often communicates with us through sudden words or meaningful symbols in our thoughts, and helps us to listen with our Heart when a message pertinent to our Divine Mission is transmitted to us.  Archangel Gabriel can help to remind us that while our effort to follow our Divine Guidance is necessary for it to fully manifest in our lives, we simply need to be open to receiving inner guidance to know which way to go.  This takes a major stress out of our lives as we realize we as "individuals" do not need to always know the grand plan for where our lives are going, as long as we trust the Divine and follow and act upon the Guidance we are given.

Although AJ occasionally sees Archangel Gabriel in shimmering sheens of gold, copper, light blue, and white, he must often knows that AAG is with him through words in his mind.  In the same way that every person's voice has a certain feel to it, the "vibe" of Archangel Gabriel is uniquely peaceful and sweet.  AAG assists in AJ's Reiki healing sessions for clients who need help expressing themselves healthily, listening deeply to others, or being able to fully act upon their inner Guidance.  Another way we can know AAG is with us is when we spontaneously start noticing many references to angels around us - seeing pictures of angels, hearing conversations about them, seeing a reference to them online, or other inner knowings that arise.  

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