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Archangel Hanael

Archangel Hanael is the Sacred Warrior of the angelic pantheon, and helps us to connect with the courageous, strong and resolute Divine Warrior within each of us.  Archangel Hanael teaches us to be fearless in the pursuit of what we know in our Hearts to be right and true.  This is the presence that knows to stand up to wrongdoing, to pursue our life's work without holding ourselves back, and to live to our fullest potential so that we may be of the greatest benefit to ourselves, our loved ones, and the Planet as a whole.  AAH teaches us that when we fully embrace our inner strength, we can take full responsibility for our lives and empower others to do the same.

AJ has experienced profound healings with Archangel Hanael both with his clients and himself.  This deeply grounding, strengthening presence can be incredibly medicinal to those with self-esteem issues, and to those who do not believe they have the power, ability, resources, or the RIGHT to live the life their Heart dreams of.  Many humans fear power for we know how terrible power can be when it is abused.  When we fear power, we limit our ability to impact our own lives and become like leaves in the wind, blown around wherever the strongest current takes us.  Archangel Hanael teaches us that we can trust our intense power when we devote our strength to Love.  Power is like fire - it can be used to lovingly warm a person or cook a meal, or burn down a forest.  AAH reminds us to be present at all moments for we are beings of great power, and that power asks that we constantly and consciously devote that power to manifesting the purest essence of our Heart lest it be turned towards a lower purpose. Invite Archangel Hanael into your life and step into your power.  YOU are the one you have been waiting for!

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