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Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is the angel of magic and Divine Mystery.  Magic becomes very real for those who are willing to see not just with the eyes but with the Heart. The esoteric secrets of the universe are revealed to us through our connection with Archangel Raziel.  If in your life you have ever been brought to a truly profound understanding of reality in some aspect of your life, chances are that the multidimensional magic of AAR has blessed you.  AAR is also associated with the Third Eye chakra, and can assist in developing our intuitive gifts as well as a deep connection with the Source of our intuition.  

AJ experiences
Archangel Raziel as a mind-opening presence frequently during meditation.  He also senses this angelic presence during Reiki sessions with clients who are working to improve their ability to perceive reality from viewpoints other than the ones most comfortable for them.  When a difficult situation requires a higher perspective, AAR is there in the depths of the mind to reveal viewpoints that allow us to effectively and compassionately handle the situation while remaining emotionally unattached to the outcome.  Archangel Raziel encourages and teaches us to allow the consciousness of our Hearts to be the guide for our Mind. Many of us know that our minds can easily feel like a friend or a foe.  This occurs when we treat the mind as the master of our existence.  When we allow our Heart to be the master, our mind becomes an incredibly magical tool for self-evolution and helps us to manifest the deepest, purest aspects of our Spirit in the material world.

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