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Archangel Zaphkiel

Archangel Zaphkiel is the angelic keeper of passion.  The passions of Archangel Zaphkiel are not the flighty desires we all experience that change from day to day, moment to moment - it is the deep, slow-burning passion that drives us towards the deepest fulfillment of our Soul in this lifetime.  AAZ teaches us that everlasting and ecstatic pleasure and fulfillment are the gifts given to those who dedicate their lives to the Divine.  Many on this Earth have grown to fear their beautiful capacity for feeling for one reason or another.  This causes our life to feel gray, drab, and devoid of passion (think: work, eat, sleep, repeat).  Archangel Zaphkiel brings her/his magnificent orange healing rays to purify that which we hold within ourselves that restricts our passions, and to enflame our passions so that we may manifest our Divine Mission in its fullest form.

AJ has witnessed the healing miracles of Archangel Zaphkiel in his Reiki sessions.  He finds this unique angelic energy to be especially helpful for clients who fear the intensity of their own feelings, live lives full of things that do not incite their passion, as well as those who have experienced sexual abuse.  AAZ is here to remind us when we are centered in our Love, all actions and experiences become ecstatic dances of passion.  This in turn fuels our creativity and our zest for life, helping us to remember what a truly incredible blessing it is to be Alive!

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